New environmentally friendly mobility concepts are a megatrend, especially eMobility. Within a few years we expect there to be a global mass market for hybrid and all-electric vehicles, which will place fresh demands on vehicle cabling solutions.

Requirements for cabling solutions in eMobility applications

The charging process is set to play an important role in the success of electric mobility. In order to make electric vehicles more attractive, it is important that they can be recharged with electricity smoothly, quickly and simply. Innovative solutions are required here, particularly for built-in connectors and cables.

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How LAPP can meet these requirements

LAPP is an eMobility pioneer: LAPP was one of the first companies to develop a complete charging system with cables and connectors. LAPP CHARGE complies with all relevant safety standards and is ready for series production.

One example of LAPP’s pioneering role in eMobility is its collaboration with BMW in which LAPP Systems, a subsidiary of LAPP, developed a new charging system for plug-in hybrids and the LAPP HELIX innovative quick-charge cable. With this, LAPP managed to meet customer expectations, even in terms of technical design. LAPP Systems also developed a connector for a carsharing project featuring a built-in RFID chip that stores customer data and signs in via radio at the charging point.

LAPP even has appropriate solutions for innovative requirements regarding hybrid and electric vehicle interiors. Patented high-voltage cabling from LAPP is used to supply the electric motors with energy. Leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers also already use the cables and connectors from LAPP for the internal connections in lithium-ion batteries.


Example products

The patented helix (shape-memory spiral) by LAPP Systems. Mode 3 charging cable with a built-in connector featuring a new design
The patented Mode 3 cable with integrated RFID chip and extruded connector (heavy-duty version)
Open ended wall box cables
Spiralised charging cables

Success story

E-mobility powered by LAPP