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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is one of the few industries where there is such a wide range of requirements. This is because hygiene, cleanliness and reliability are the most important issues for everyone dealing with food. This results in particular challenges for connections and cables too. They have to withstand strong chemical cleaning agents, may not be sensitive to thermal conditions such as heat, cold or humidity and should be able to withstand high mechanical loads. As a member of “Safe Food & Factory”, we are very familiar with the requirements in the food and beverage industry. We demonstrate that much in our laboratories and test facilities too, where we put our solutions through their paces before delivering them to you. Our solutions naturally hold all the necessary certificates and comply with all the EHEDG, ECOLAB and FDA standards.



Cables are robots’ equivalent of human nerves. Because, without connections, even the smartest computer can’t send information to the gripper arm and the best sensor can’t respond to the computer. So, in robotics, cables have to satisfy two requirements in any case: they must be extremely flexible and have very fast data transfer speeds. And even the connections between the individual cables have to be perfectly coordinated to one another. Due to our many years of cooperating with some big-name manufacturers in the robotics industry, we have been able to acquire an unbelievable amount of knowledge which we can incorporate in our product developments too. This is precisely why our range includes cables that easily withstand torsion angles of up to 1,000° and rotations of up to 360° per metre. And all that with a service life of up to eight years!


The topic of mobility is highly relevant. Issues such as sustainability, environmental friendliness, range and speed are recurring topics that require the right connection.


TRAIN – Trains are becoming increasingly important as a means of passenger and freight transport, particularly in Asia, Africa and Latin America. But demand particularly within the local transport network is steadily rising in Germany too. Accordingly, trains also have to be modernised with ever greater urgency.
We have been working together with Korea Train eXpress (KTX), a South Korean company, for a long time now, and develop special cables and connections for use in high-speed trains. That’s why we decided to set up ÖLFLEX® TRAIN, a product family that is entirely characteristic of rail transport.
Cables have to satisfy stringent requirements. These requirements are precisely defined by both the International Rail Industry Standard (IRIS) and several European standards too. The cables and connections therefore have to withstand a high level of vibration resistance, flexibility, oil resistance and high temperature fluctuations, as well as satisfy fire safety standards.
Thanks to our collaborative relationship with KTX, we have extensive know-how when it comes to cable system requirements in the train business. Our solutions have all the necessary IRIS certificates and satisfy all the EN ISO standards.

EMOBILITY – The success of electric cars demonstrates that e-mobility has been a reality as opposed to a dream of the future for a long time now.
You’ll find the complete e-mobility portfolio at Lapp Systems. Not only do we offer charging infrastructure products; we also develop and produce high-voltage and battery cabling for your e-mobility applications. In so doing, we not only ensure perfect coordination between the components and a long service life; we keep the design in mind too. Our DESIGN cable offers you connectors in a modern design, the colour of which can also be individually adapted to your CD. Installing RFID chips and integrating your company logo are no problem either.
Also for the e-mobility segment, we’re offering individual components or completely preassembled components. Benefit from the quality you have come to expect from Lapp, service from a single source and perfectly coordinated system solutions.

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