Overview of new products

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1 system. 1,000 possibilities. This is the most concise and appropriate way of describing our EPIC® MH MODULAR system. With EPIC® MH MODULAR, you can individually combine connections and adapt them to your individual requirements. And, in saying that, we don’t just mean that power, signals and/or data can be combined in a single connection. Thanks to the wide selection of housings, the EPIC® MH MODULAR can be used in fields from the train segment and mechanical engineering, to robotics and the food and beverage industry – all you have to do is choose the suitable housing, insert the selected components and – job done – you’ve got your individually adapted connector. What makes the EPIC® MODULAR so unique is its brand-new modular system. Instead of laboriously screwing components down or going through the time-consuming process of inserting a folding frame, you can simply connect the components. You’ll hear a quiet click and that will be the module sitting firmly in place. Replacing individual modules is just as easy – systematic, even.

The highlight is that all the components in our EPIC® MH MODULAR series are catalogue goods, which makes the prize attractive and increases availability. And, naturally, we don’t just deliver individual parts, but also your individual, completely preassembled desired connector.



Fast, faster, category 7. With the ETHERLINE® cat. 7 FLEX, we are extending our ETHERLINE® range to include a real high-speed all-rounder. Whether it’s for camera sensors in robotics, communication via VoIP or a patch cable, the ETHERLINE® cat. 7 FLEX leaves nothing to be desired. With data transfer speeds of 10 GBit/s and a frequency range of up to 600 MHz, “High Speed” is being completely redefined. And even the significantly restricted wave impedance of ± 5% is setting new benchmarks in the industrial Ethernet segment.

Due to its simple cable design, the ETHERLINE® cat. 7 FLEX promises maximum compatibility too. Coupled with its high level of flexibility and slim design, it’s perfectly suited to use in confined spaces such as control cabinets, in mechanical and plant engineering and in the automotive industry.


The specifications of the ETHERLINE® TORSION cat. 7 are very similar to those of the “small” ETHERLINE®cat. 7 FLEX. Data transfer speeds of 10 GBit/s, frequency ranges of up to 600 MHz and a wave impedance of ± 5% form the foundations of this new Ethernet cable. But that’s where the similarities end. Because the ETHERLINE® TORSION cat. 7 is unique – for 4,566 reasons per day. Indeed, the ETHERLINE® TORSION cat. 7 has a service life of at least three years, during which time it withstands 5 million 180° cycles per running metre with ease. Under constant loading, that translates into 4,566 cycles per day, 24/7. These figures alone set the bar very high. But then, there’s also the fact that the ETHERLINE® TORSION cat. 7 is the only solution in the world to combine such flexibility with such high data transfer speeds. This makes it very interesting for robotics in particular, but we’re also making a mark in both mechanical engineering and the automotive industry with this product. Incidentally, the cable is highly compatible due to its simple structure. And if all that weren’t enough, the ETHERNET® TORSION cat. 7 is also PROFINET compliant.



With the ÖLFLEX® SERVO 719, we’re presenting a worthy successor to the ÖLFLEX® SERVO 700 and the “little sister” of the ÖLFLEX® SERVO 719 CY. To make our SERVO portfolio even more transparent, we’re constantly developing new cables that cover an ever wider spectrum. The ÖLFLEX® SERVO 719 was created so that new, unshielded dimensions could be taken into consideration. The insulation is made entirely of polypropylene, which promises outstanding durability and is sheathed in PVC for flame resistance. The cable is naturally UV and oil-resistant too, and cuts an impressive figure due to a low-capacity high-performance design. But easily the biggest innovation of all is the ÖLFLEX® SERVO 719, which comes with an AWM approbation. This approbation, which proves that the product is appliance wiring material, makes importing it into the USA easier and means there’s no need for time-consuming and expensive additional testing.


ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL (with signal)

There are two new cables for frequency converter drives, which are also known as “variable frequency drives” (VFDs). The difference between the two cables is an extra pair of controls in the ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL with signal, which can be used to operate an electric brake, for example. In this regard, the two cables are only really new to the European market; indeed, they are already available on the US market. With the ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL (with signal), we are offering the first cable to combine both the key UL TC ER ratings over 600 V and 2,000 V at the same time thanks to the special XLPE insulation. It also has a flexible motor supply listing over 1,000 V. PVC was not used in the sheathing. TPEs, which have outstanding mechanical properties, were used instead.



With the UNITRONIC® BUS HEAT 6722, we’re presenting to you a new member of the UNITRONIC® family, which is our range of cable systems for bus applications, low frequency and LAN. Designed with commercial vehicles in mind, this robust cable is suitable for use in fieldbus systems, vehicle bodies and operations in the passenger compartment that are not relevant to safety. So, it’s a cable like any other, then? No. What makes the UNITRONIC BUS HEAT 7622 so unique is its four-star structure.

With four stranded wires, it delivers more the same amount of power as other models of the same class, but only takes up around 60% as much space.

Then there’s the factor its name comes from: HEAT. The UNITRONIC® BUS HEAT 6722 is heat-resistant up to 105°C – which is a temperature that it has to withstand largely in the engine compartment of commercial vehicles. The BUS HEAT 6722 has also naturally been tested in line with existing standards and specifications. It even exceeds them thanks to its ECE-R 118 certification.


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