Catalogues and Flyers

Main catalogue 2020/21
(PDF 58 MB )
Here you can find all products of the main catalogue 2020/21.
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE): The future of IIOT
(PDF 507 KB )
Whitepaper „Single Pair Ethernet (SPE): The future of IIOT”

Manufacturers and users agree that Single Pair Ethernet is the future of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). This has numerous advantages for users, but some aspects have to be taken into consideration now. This whitepaper explains, which aspects are important and what users need to pay attention to.

ÖLFLEX® CONNECT System Solution
(PDF 6 MB )
Here you can find information about our ÖLFLEX® CONNECT System Solutions.
product innovations 2020/21
(PDF 6 MB )
Here you can find all new product innovations of 2020/21.
Logistic Solutions
(PDF 5 MB )
How to efficiently handle cable drums and cable rings.
Solar products from LAPP
(PDF 3 MB )
Learn more about our products for your PV systems
Flyer - Rolling Stock
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Here you can find the flyer for our TRAIN products.
Rolling Stock
(PDF 2 MB )
Here you will find our product portfolio for railway technology.
Learn more now
(PDF 1 MB )
In this brochure you can find information on Servo Systems made by Lapp
Plug & Play for Industrial Communication
(PDF 232 KB )
Plug & Play for Industrial Communication: Assemblies, patchcords and cordsets by LAPP
(PDF 2 MB )
Read more about ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN.
Fibre optic cabling solutions from LAPP
(PDF 2 MB )
Connection and marking solutions from LAPP
Learn more about our products here.
EPIC® Kits
(PDF 1 MB )
Combined connector sets for either the male or female side.
Solutions for railway technology
(PDF 1 MB )
Here you can find the flyer for our TRAIN products.
e-Business Brochure
(PDF 9 MB )
LAPP Champion
(PDF 355 KB )
LAPP CHAMPION. The CHAMPION among drum dispensers. Lightweight. Durable. Robust.
(PDF 37 MB )
The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN catalogue contains information on Cable Chain Systems made by LAPP and all products related to chains.

You will find basic and expert knowledge in our cable chain engineering guide.

(PDF 4 MB )
Here you can find useful information about project business by LAPP.
Single core solutions
(PDF 605 KB )
The TRONIC box is the perfect solution for storing, transporting and handling single cores. The TRONIC Single core box is usually used in combination with a compatible single core cart.
Products for photovoltaic 2018/19
(PDF 4 MB )
Find all products concerning photovoltaic.
Innovations 2020
(PDF 2 MB )
Here you can find our last innovations of 2020.
Industrial Communication
(PDF 19 MB )
The right solution for every application. Digitalisation is already leading to ever increasing datavolumes in production halls.
LAPP solutions for Food & Beverage
(PDF 8 MB )
The strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements that exist in the food processing segment also apply to its machineries and electrical components.
(PDF 6 MB )
In this flyer you will find information on active network components for industrial ethernet systems.
(PDF 1 MB )
The IC Kits from LAPP contain the most important components for setting up your industrial ethernet network at a particularly attractive kit price. The cables, connectors and Switches included enable network installation to be carried out within and between machines.
Solutions for railway technology
(PDF 3 MB )
Here you can find the catalogue for "Solutions for railway technology" 2018/2019.
(PDF 3 MB )
Read more abour our Multi-cable entry systems.
SKINTOP® & SILVYN® - Demand-actuated packing units
(PDF 3 MB )
In this brochure you will find information on the damnd-acrtuated packing units of SKINTOP® and SILVYN®.
(PDF 11 MB )
Flexible labelling solutions for wires, cables and components.
(PDF 982 KB )
Here you can learn more about the customized fast connect assembly solutions for data rates of up to 10 GBIT/S.
EPIC® Industrial connectors – simply complete
(PDF 1 MB )
The EPIC® Industrial connectors catalogue for download.
Corporate Brochure
(PDF 2 MB )
Please find the new LAPP Corporate Brochure here!
Industrial Communication
(PDF 2 MB )
Here you will find all the information regarding Industrial Communication.