Lapp provides illumination on the high seas


The AIDAluna with fl ame-retardant ÖLFLEX® FD CLASSIC cabling

The AIDAluna is one of the newest cruise ships belonging to AIDA Cruises. She was commissioned in 2009. The ocean liner was built by Meyer Werft GmbH in Papenburg, Germany. The magnificent ship is 252m long, 32.2m wide and 13 decks high. It has 1,025 passenger cabins, seven restaurants, 11 bars, a theatre, a cinema and many more facilities.
Four diesel engines made by MaK, with a total of approx. 50,000 hp power the floating luxury hotel. The cruising speed is around 22 knots (approx. 41 km/h).

The safety requirements on board a passenger ship are extremely high. Exactly for this reason it was decided to use ÖLFLEX® FD 820 H and ÖLFLEX® FD CLASSIC 810 connection and control cables for the lighting. They are flameretardant according to IEC 60332-1-2, highly flexible and, with their tiny width, they were practically predestined to be fed through the tight pipes and passages that are used in shipbuilding.

The flexible ÖLFLEX® FD CLASSIC cables are not only used in shipbuilding, but are predominantly used in energy supply chains and mobile machine components, such as assembly lines. Thanks to adhesion-free surfaces, these branded products are also suitable for damp or wet environments. SKINTOP® cable glands ensure secure connections between ÖLFLEX® FD CLASSIC cables with housings and control cabinets.

The Customer

Meyer Werft has been family-owned for six generations: since 1982, Bernhard Mayer has been at the wheel of the company. For more than 213 years the shipyard has endeavoured to continue developing and to be in line with modern technology. Today Meyer Werft builds luxurious cruise liners for customers from around the world. The company has also specialised in building special-purpose vessels such as luxurious vehicle and passenger ferries, Ro-Ro and passenger ships, gas tankers and livestock carriers.

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Requirements and advantages
A cruise ship — high-tech in a confined space. ÖLFLEX® FD 820 H and ÖLFLEX® FD CLASSIC 810 connection and control lines are suitable firstly due to their extreme inflammability in compliance with IEC 60332-1-2 to protect persons and items of values, and secondly because the lines’ small cable diameter allow them to be routed through tight tubes and channels perfectly. Two vital factors on vessels. The lines are also extremely suitable for use in moist areas due to their low-adhesion surface and
SKINTOP® cable glands.


Products used
ÖLFLEX® FD 820 H and ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 810 connection and control lines were used to wire up the lighting. SKINTOP® cable glands were used to seal cable connections.