Ethernet communication in the building or office

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The building network connects computers, servers and the plant with each other and to the Internet.

Special requirements:

  • Copper-based ETHERLINE® LAN cables are used for distances up to 100 m
  • Fiber optic cables are used for longer distances for the connection between two buildings or within buildings. Various connectors, such as the SC connector, are used for fiber optic-based data transmission.
  • HITRONIC® breakout cables are used for cabling within the building.
  • HITRONIC® outdoor cables are used for external cabling and cabling between buildings. The permanently installed cables are connected to splice boxes from the HITRONIC® SBX series.
  • HITRONIC® fiber optic patchcords are used at the splice boxes to connect the devices.
  • ETHERLINE® LAN cables of category Cat.7 or higher are used for office cabling and are permanently installed in the building.
  • The RJ45 connector is used for copper-based data transmission

Products used:

For communication from the main cabinet to the office:

For communication in the building:

For communication from the office to the Internet: