Handling Award: Ursula Ida Lapp honored for lifetime achievement, clever logistics solutions by LAPP win award

Handling Award for her life's work

A great honor for Ursula Ida Lapp: At the beginning of October, the founder of the LAPP Group was honored with the Handling Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Motek trade fair in Stuttgart. The prize was awarded by the trade magazine handling. "Ursula Ida Lapp is a successful entrepreneur who sets an example for all of us, because she showed entrepreneurial courage, demonstrated foresight and always bravely tackled her tasks. With the Handling Award for Lifetime Achievement we honor her great entrepreneurial vision, her courage and her everlasting élan. Her great heart and the way she always took responsibility in leading her company have shaped the LAPP group and let it become what it is today", said Dr. Kurt Schmalz, Managing Director of J. Schmalz GmbH, of Mrs Lapp in his laudatory speech.

The tribute to Ursula Ida Lapp was the highlight of the presentation of the Handling Awards.

Also, two clever ideas from LAPP that make storage and application of cables easier were rewarded:

  • The paper drum container allows for cables to be unreeled and cut from cable drums with a flange diameter of 40cm simply by pulling them through the opening in the box. In the cardboard box, cable drums can also be easily carried and stacked and are protected against dirt and damage.
  • The unreeling palette for cable drums with flange diameters of up to 90cm consists of a pallet frame with two integrated rollers. This cable can be easily rolled directly from the palette and cut to length, separate cutting devices are not necessary. The palette can be picked up from all four sides by a forklift, optimizing transport and storage.