Product finders - New and optimised

Lapp now offers its customers a whole range of new and optimised product finders. The selection guide is simple, intuitive and transparent, allowing you to find the right solution even faster than before.

Advantages of our product finders:

  • Easy selection of the required filter features
  • Find the right products quickly
  • Quick and intuitive finder operation
  • Order products immediately through the e-shop

Our new and optimised product finders at a glance:

  • Cable assembly finder Based on criteria such as the number of pins, connector/female, sheath material and cable length, you are able to find the appropriate cable assembly in a matter of moments. To Cable assembly finder
  • Cable marking finder Our FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Finder allows you to quickly find the appropriate marking and labelling for your application. You can also view the corresponding accessories and more detailed product information. To Cable marking finder
  • Cable finder Based on criteria such as the number of cores, cross-section in mm2 and nominal voltage, it directs you to the correct item in seconds. To Cable finder

Other product finders:

  • Cable gland finder Use the Cable Gland Finder to choose the SKINTOP® cable gland you need and the required accessories. What's more, the online catalogue provides you with direct access to your order or to more detailed product information. To Cable gland finder
  • Connector selector Design, insert, housing and counterpart. These four selections take you to the appropriate connector in just a few clicks. To Connector solector
  • Charging cable configurator The Charging Cable Configurator enables you to find the cables and connectors you need to create the perfect charging cable in no time. To Charging cable configurator


For an overview of our product finders, click here.