Industrial Communication: Smart is the factory

IndKommunikation EN 150dpi 23-04-2020

Intelligent production with increasingly networked components requires precision and reliability. The factory becomes smart. Intelligent components, smart machines. Actuators and sensors at every system-relevant point supply data in real time. So that the control station can act and does not have to react. Preventively and with foresight. Immense increases in data volumes are becoming a valuable resource and must be reliably controlled. Information must arrive reliably where it is needed - even under harsh industrial conditions. Our experts for Industrial Communication support you in transforming your factory into a Smart Factory with our robust, high-quality products for the intelligent control of PLCs, sensors and actuators.

Industrial communication from a single source: From the sensor, actuator and control level to the merchandise management system, we work with you to implement the complete networking for the reliable transmission of the highest data volumes. We focus on quality, because the Internet of Things places high demands on connection technology. Data transmission must be guaranteed at all times in order to avoid scenarios that could lead to production downtimes or even endanger people.

Cables, connectors, switches - at LAPP, customers find a comprehensive portfolio for all applications and protocol standards of industrial communication - from a single source and with LAPP's manufacturing Expertise.

New products autumn 2020

2170940 ETHERLINE ROBOT PN CAT.5e 1X4X22 19AWG 0000


For robotic applications, rely on our Industrial Ethernet cable which was developed and tested according to the PROFINET® standard "Type R". Drag chain, torsion and alternating bending properties are now combined in just one cable. LAPP was involved from the very beginning in the development and standardization of the requirements and characteristics for this new PROFINET® cabling type.

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Patchord Etherline AllColors ge%C3%A4ndert

ETHERLINE® LAN Cat.6A Patchcords

ETHERLINE® LAN Cat.6APatchcords - Get started right away with our space-optimized patchcords! Thanks to their Cat.6A-transmission characteristics and UL listing, they are suitable for workstation cabling as well as for control cabinet applications in industry. Reduce your diversity of parts and ensure savings in logistics.

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21700141 ETHERLINE ACCESS STEP 3-NAT Firewall 004 ge%C3%A4ndert


Our NAT router with integrated firewall supports you in integrating machines into existing company networks, protects against unauthorized access and thus stands for secure, Ethernet-based communication in automation technology. The latest firmware version allows now IP ranges to be entered in NAT operating mode. Upgrade now! 

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74034050 EPIC SIGNAL POWER DSub SCM 1 mm 0.25-1.0 mm v0001 ge%C3%A4ndert

EPIC® SIGNAL D-Sub crimp contact 1mm

Make 1 out of 2: The new crimp contact replaces the two existing D-Sub contacts 0.14 - 0.34 mm² / 0.34 - 0.5 mm², opens up the 0.5 - 1.00 mm² range in a completely new way and thus reduces the variety of parts in your warehouse. Its extremely wide connection range allows you to crimp stranded wires with cross sections from 0.25 to 1.00 mm². It is compatible with standard D-Sub connectors.

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53440982 SKINTOP DIX-M 25170 geschlitzt v0001


LAPP now also offers a greater variety of dimensions for the SKINTOP® DIX-M AUTOMATION sealing insert. Thanks to its slotted seal, it is specially designed for the feed-through of already assembled data cables and, in combination with a cable gland, offers ideal sealing of the cable. The new variants cover cable outer diameters from 3 - 10 mm.

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54113180 SKINTOP M32x1 5 v0000 ge%C3%A4ndert


It has never been easier! With the innovative cable gland, you can quickly and easily insert up to 12 (pre-assembled) fiber optic cables into an enclosure at the same time. The unique sealing construction ensures a particularly gentle clamping of the cables as well as a secure seal. Loss of transmission performance? Of course not.

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