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There are now even more versions of our network switches for industrial Ethernet systems, with higher data transmission rates, a larger temperature range and even simpler assembly:


The M08T02SFP and M08T02GSFP switches

are ideal when high transmission rates are required over long distances. In addition to the eight RJ45 ports, each of these two ultra compact managed switches also comes with two SFP ports for the connection of fibre-optic cables – and even for high-speed gigabit Ethernet.  LAPP also offers the SFP standard modules required to convert optical signals into electrical signals – for 100 Mbit/s or 1 Gb/s and for both single-mode and multi-mode transmission. Anyone who can do without fibre-optic cables will find an unmanaged switch for gigabit speeds in the ETHERLINE® ACCESS U08GT.

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The U16T switch

with reduced space consumption and a higher port density for simple DIN rail mounting.

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The U04TP01T power over Ethernet switch

features four RJ45 ports with power over Ethernet, as well as a fast Ethernet port. Alongside data, it also sends electrical energy down the line in order to power devices such as quality assurance cameras and Wi-Fi access points. Such switches are often used in close proximity to machinery, exposing them to extreme temperatures. Therefore, this model – like all the other switches mentioned above – has been designed for temperatures from -40°C to +75°C. Its robust metal housing makes it suitable for simple DIN rail mounting.

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The U08GT gigabit switch

  • Platzsparendes kompaktes Design mit hoher Port-Dichte
  • Robuste Metallgehäuse für rauen industriellen Einsatz
  • Flexible und global verfügbare Gesamtnetzwerklösungen aus einer Hand

Noch mehr industrielle Netzwerkswitches gibt es hier!

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Space-saving, compact design with a high port density
  • Robust metal housing for harsh industrial applications
  • Flexible and globally available complete network solutions from a single source

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