Latest Press Releases

New Board Member for Sales & Marketing at LAPP
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Supervisory Board appoints Dr. Christoph Hiller
From the virtual world to real life: the EPIC® POWER M12L/K connector
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LAPP develops innovative connectors with the aid of digital twins
The connector at its limit
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Press material for the 22nd LAPP Trade Press Days
Innovative charger for electric cars wins two awards
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ETHERLNE® GUARD – innovative monitoring solution for data cables
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A lot of new products from LAPP
ÖLFLEX® DC ESS SC for the energy revolution
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A lot of new products from LAPP at the SPS trade fair
The new “Werk-Quartier” signals a new beginning at Wallgraben
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Companies present the draft plan for the Vaihingen / Möhringen industrial area in Stuttgart
LAPP presents new multi-cable entry systems at SPS
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SKINTOP® MULTI-M – more sizes, more flexibility (20.10.2021)
Family company gets involved at the world expo
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LAPP in the spectacular sustainability pavilion at the Expo in Dubai (15.10.2021)
Presentation of Transport Survey Report “Nord-Süd-Straße”
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Neighbouring Firms Demand Rapid Implementation
Five new professions related to digital transformation
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New focus for apprenticeships at LAPP
LAPP is a „Bicycle-Friendly Employer“
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Certificate from German Cyclist’s Association and the European Union (19.08.2021)
Change in the Lapp Holding AG Supervisory Board
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Peter Schmid succeeds Werner Knies (16.08.2021)
Lapp Mobility presents an innovative charger for household sockets
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MOBILITY DOCK saves weight, space and costs (06.08.2021)
LAPP sponsors TUM Boring
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No More Snail’s Pace: Tunnel Construction for the Mobility Transition
Tracking plant biodiversity with LAPP bees
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Stuttgart-based family enterprise is promoting biodiversity in the industrial district Vaihingen/Möhringen
Two new ÖLFLEX® products with high fire protection
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Tailored and reliable solutions from LAPP for building cabling
New fibre optic cables for PROFINET networks
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Highly flame-retardant LAPP breakout cables for on-site assembly
Twelve new products from LAPP
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New solutions for mechanical and plant engineering,  Industrial Communication and the rail industry
LAPP Group mourns Ursula Ida Lapp
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Company founder dies at the age of 90
Lapp Systems GmbH to be restructured
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Focus on future-proof assembly business
Off outside with the black UNITRONIC® LiYY/LIYCY
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New products from LAPP for mechanical and plant engineering
LAPP expands its single-pair Ethernet range
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Lots of new products for Industrial Communication
Oskar Lapp at 100 – A pioneer for the future
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Commemorating a great entrepreneurial personality
LAPP is a partner of the Baden-Württemberg House at the Expo
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Stuttgart-based business family sees great opportunities at the world exhibition
Lapp Mobility GmbH opens its own test centre
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Expansion of technology expertise
LAPP is optimistic despite Coronavirus
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Turnover falls by 7,7 percent, but there are positive signals in industrial data communication an photovoltaics
New fibre optic cable configurator from LAPP
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Tailored solutions for glass fibre installations
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Supervisory Board appoints Jan Ciliax as CFO