Gel technology for innovative multi-cable entry systems
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New round SKINTOP® MULTI-M multi-cable entry system with patented graduated cone geometry from LAPP
LAPP expands its portfolio for core sectors
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Innovative solutions for sun, rail and mechanical engineering
First type R robot cable from LAPP 16.11.2020
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New standard for PROFINET cables for use in industrial robots.
Tailored cable gland solutions from LAPP
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New SKINTOP® products for a secure connection
Patchcords with UL certification
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New pre-assembled data cables from LAPP
LAPP is one of “Germany’s best trainers”
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Current study on the quality of education
Makes handling cable drums child’s play 12.10.2020
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New smart logistics and transport solutions from LAPP
ETHERNET technology for the smart factory 09.10.2020
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New data transmission systems from LAPP
Lapp Mobility GmbH on course for growth 29.09.2020
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LAPP’s corporate start-up was founded a year ago
LAPP increases the number of apprenticeships 09.09.2020
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LAPP gives 27 young people a professional future perspective -  six more than the year before
LAPP joins SPE Industrial Partner Network 06.08.2020
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Stuttgart-based company favours mating face according to IEC 63171-6
LAPP is a pioneer in sustainability 03.08.2020
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First range of lead-free SKINTOP® brass cable glands
Entrepreneur Ursula Ida Lapp celebrates her 90th birthday 25.05.2020
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Ursula Ida Lapp has created a company of world renown and shaped LAPP into the world market leader for integrated fastening systems.
IIoT solutions from LAPP for intelligent connection solutions 18.05.2020
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LAPP demontrates new developments and concepts for the Industrial Internet of Things.
Cable with digital memory 18.05.2020
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With the Digital Cable Code and Cloud Marking, LAPP shows how the analog and digital worlds can be linked as seamlessly as possible in connection systems.
LAPP gets robots ready for direct current In
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LAPP will be demonstrating its first ever robot cable explicitly designed for use with direct current
LAPP expands its portfolio for Industrial Communication 25.03.2020
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New ETHERLINE SERVO DQ FD P Cat.5e for highly flexible use
LAPP receives important certification for Asia 16.03.2020
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LAPP has received the coveted certification for the CC-Link IE standard for ETHERLINE®.
LAPP in Africa 10.03.2020
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LAPP in Africa - LAPP will increase the market opportunities in Africa.
LAPP’s growth is bucking the trend 10.03.2020
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LAPP’s growth is bucking the trend. The company has also successfully concluded the 2018 - 19 financial year.
Infrastructure cables on large drums are now stocked in Poland 08.01.2020
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LAPP has opened a new logistics centre for infrastructure pipelines in Poland