Scan solution by LAPP


The compact scanner brings your purchasing process to the next level. You can reorder LAPP products in our e-Shop easily.

After the connection of the scanner you will receive all information you need e.g. availability, remaining length or the prices off desired products.

The order can be activated both directly in the e-shop and it can be transferred into your system by using  the OCI (Open catalogue Interface) after the items (products) are selected. They can be further processed according to your intern authorization procedure as well as business operations.

In this way you can avoid mistakes which usually occur during the transmission of required data.

And that is how it works:

  1. Scan the barcode of the to be reordered products
  2. Connect the scanner with the PC or the laptop
  3. Activate the software  and the “Transmit to the shop-button”
  4. Modify the order data in the LAPP e-shop
  5. Confirm the order
  6. Finished!


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