LAPP Logistics

Our Logistics and Service Centres consist of a modern and optimally coordinated logistics system to meet the requirements of the global market, guaranteeing our customers high product availability and short delivery times.

Logistics Products and Services

At LAPP we offer you a wide range of Logistics Products and Services. Our Logistics Product Portfolio includes various transport, storage and unwinding solutions for efficient handling of cables and wires - tailored to your needs.

Further improving efficiency, your processes also benefit from features such as customized labels and delivery notes, Kanban solutions and cable cutting to customized specified lengths. With the logistics services offered by LAPP, we make customized optimisation possible for you..

Logistics and Service Centres

With our Logistics and Service Centres in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Hanover and Wroclaw, U.I. Lapp GmbH has an ultra-modern and complex logistics system.

On an area of around 30,000 m², cable drums are stored and retrieved fully automatically by storage and rack devices found in our Logistics Centre in Ludwigsburg. A specially LAPP developed and patented mandrel gripper enables fast and gentle storage on to special system pallets. If a customer specified length is required, modern driverless transport systems take the cable drum to the cut-to-length machines.

The Logistics Centre in Hanover is especially equipped with heavy-duty high performance machinery capable of dispatching large drums, and specialised Cut-to-Length machines featuring tensile force limitation for the processing of special products such as sensitive optical fibres.

At our headquarters in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the Logistics Centre is used to store our system products and single wire solutions. An automatic high-performance carousel with Pick-by-Light ensures fast and safe retrieval of articles.

Our 60,000 m² strong Logistics Centre in Wroclaw, Poland, stores large infrastructure cables. The site is equipped with heavy-duty forklifts and special Cut-to-Length machines.

The LAPP logistical infrastructure allows for optimal delivery performance, customised logistics services and the highest of quality standards.


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Logistics in figures
Warehouse and logistics capacity Approx. 120.000 m²
Logistics employees Approx. 390 employees
Shipments per day Approx. 5.500
Range Approx. 40.000 articles

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