Kanban Solutions

Our needs-based Kanban-solutions ensure that our range of cable and system products are always available to you in your required quantity. By scanning a QR code with a Kanban scanner, your order process is automatically initiated. By receiving an order confirmation as PDF and CSV file, a mirror into your ERP system is possible. You will then be supplied by us reliably and promptly with the defined material quantity.


  • Permanent availability of goods and avoidance of  "out-of-stock“ situations
  • Reduction of stock
  • Saves time allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Cost benefits due to overall optimization of the ordering process
  • Customized kanban solutions possible

In addition to our LAPP Kanban Scanner, you can use Scan2Lapp Mobile to easily place orders via the LAPP e-Shop by scanning EAN codes with your mobile device.

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