Metal quotations

The copper price
Copper surcharges for cables, wires and piece goods are charged at LAPP at the average copper price of the previous month according to the DEL quotation plus 1% procurement costs. The DEL is the stock exchange quotation for German electrolytic copper for conducting purposes and is quoted in Euro per 100 kg.

From 01.06.2021 the following value will be used for calculation:
857,48 EUR / 100kg incl. 1% procurement costs

You can view the DEL listing at the following link:

We apply the same procedure to the brass and aluminium surcharges, which are also calculated on the basis of the average price of the previous month and adjusted monthly.

The copper base
The list price of many cables, almost all wires and piece goods already includes a portion of the copper price. It is also stated in Euro per 100 kg.

  • Euro 150,-/100 kg for most flexible cables (e.g. ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 100) and piece-guided goods (e.g. ÖLFLEX® SPIRAL 540 P)
  • Euro 100,-/100 kg for telephone cable (e.g. J -Y(St)Y)
  • Euro 0.00/100 kg for underground cable (e.g. power cable NYY), i.e. hollow price.
    Exact details can be found on each catalogue page below the article table.

The copper number
The number of copper is the calculatory copper weight of a cable, a line (kg/km) or a piece goods (kg/1000 pcs) and is given for each catalogue item.

copper example calculation