ÖLFLEX® CONNECT Servo solutions for SIEMENS® standard

Ölflex Connect Servco

Our newly created servo assembly programme offers you the solution that best suits your application. From static to highly-dynamic applications, you will receive a high-quality, durable product that has been optimised for your bespoke application. . Our new power plug provides measurably better EMC screening. The Core Line, our smart LAPP variant, is produced semi-automatically so you will benefit from consistently high product process quality and uniform quality standards.

Core Line: your smart alternative

Core Line is your smart alternative for PVC 6FX-5002 or PUR 6FX-8002 assemblies:

  • PVC 6FX-5002 for static and dynamic applications with slow-moving chains, such as in wood processing and for packaging machines
  • PUR 6FX-8002 for highly-dynamic applications with moving chains, for example in tooling machines

Benefits at a glance:

  • Measurably better EMC screening (6db) due to new power plug (size 1)
  • Semi-automated production process for the highest consistency in process and product quality
  • Tamper-proof thanks to pressed clamp ring
  • Complete solutions for the Siemens® standard thanks to future in-house LAPP controller plug (new book-size generation)

Other features:

  • Vibration proof
  • Strain relief in line with valid standard
  • IP67